Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Free Pick - Score 4 (& 9 of 10) 3/28/11

We hope that you have been benefiting from our hot streak and will visit our blog regularly.  Today, we are going for 4 wins in a row (and 9 of our last 10 free plays).

We post to some forums as well, but will always post our "plays of the day" on our blog.  Our goal is to use contrarian methods and statistical biases to help sports bettors gain an edge in sports betting.  I have studied various approaches and post short articles from time to time on various topics, including:

  • money management,
  • betting tips, 
  • sports betting biases
  • and research results.
In today's sports marketplace, I am taking Atlanta over Washington in MLB spring training.  Atlanta is borderline pricey -- but has several biases that have proven to be successful in spring training (home team, superior team).