Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blog, Book, Publisher

Earlier this year, I contributed to another sports book. Soon, I will be coming out with a few books on specific sports betting systems that focus on contrarian value methods applied to football: both for professional football (NFL) and college football. Please keep your eye out for the books, which should be out before football season starts!

I started this blog at the suggestion of my publisher, BCDadvisors, to get the word out for the book. I'd like to thank my publisher for the ease in which my ideas are getting "down on paper." I also think that they had a nice marketing plan "thought out" for the book.

Note that I list several other blogs in my blog list (some are suggested by BCDadvisors, but I don't mind helping fellow authors if it's interesting info). I've always liked trading and finance -- which I think applies to the sports betting world!

Happy 4th of July!