Thursday, April 26, 2012

Final Four: ALSO in College Football?!

Check this out: the BCS looks like it will FINALLY get a playoff going for the College Football National Championship.

Leaders of the Bowl Championship Series will present to their constituents the option of a four-team college football playoff beginning in 2015, BCS executive director Bill Hancock said Thursday afternoon.
Associated Press
Bowl Championship Series executive director Bill Hancock
Hancock said commissioners from the BCS conferences will present to conference constituents two to seven options for a four-team playoff. Those options include holding semifinals at campus sites, as well as neutral-site games. A championship game will be held at a neutral site, either an existing bowl or a site that bids in advance to host the game.
Hancock acknowledged that if a four-team playoff is approved by the 11 participating conferences and the BCS’s presidential oversight committee, it will be a “seismic event.” Major-college football never has had a playoff. BCS leaders have ruled out 16- and eight-team playoffs.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 NCAA Championship Game

In tonight's game, I like Kentucky to win the championship, and locked in Kentucky -6.  Both teams are powerhouses -- and some say that Kentucky is one of the best in history.  I wouldn't argue with that because Kentucky excels on both sides of the court -- with excellent FG% and Three-point shooting % -- as well as the same stats on the defensive side.

Sports Insights' betting percentages point to Kansas as a contrarian play, and there is some slight line value based on the opening line -- but we grabbed the -6 to prevent any further line slippage.

On championship games, we also like the "Who Will Win" analysis -- which points to Kentucky as well.