Thursday, January 29, 2015

Super Bowl 49: Seattle and Under

I haven't been posting as often, but it is SUPER BOWL time!  I like Seattle and the Under in this year's Super Bowl.

  • The public is on New England to the tune of almost three out of every four bets.  
  • The Patriots have been hot and even with DeflateGate, many think that Belichick's Patriots are just too smart; a step ahead of the rest.  
  • As usual, I like value -- and love last year's champs with the point or as a moneyline play.  
  • The Patriots hot streak since the first third of the season may represent value.  
  • For those interested in a "flyer" -- I would take the Seahawks in a blowout.  Seattle "big" and the under -- can be parlayed.  

Some analysis I like: